Seven Services, 2001-2006

Seven Services, 2006-2012


  Seven Services Computers - Began as a collaboration of seven different services to help the community where our skills were needed.  In 1998, Janet started helping family and friends with their computer needs and by 2001 it was evident that there was a huge need in the community for someone that had computer knowledge that could fix computer issues without costing the client large amounts of money or time to have the issues repaired.  We have had 4 locations since beginning the business in 2001, 2 storefronts and 2 home based offices, we have realized that having the storefronts is great for walk-in traffic however it locked us in at one location 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Which we came to the conclusion that we were not serving nearly as many clients as we are capable of supporting.   

  As of April 2019 we moved our business into our home office located in Fostoria, MI which has proven to allow us to support more clients from the elderly to business clients.   


Our technical background includes: Computers, Routers & Switches, Wifi LAN/WAN Networking, +more!




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Seven Services, 2012-2019

Seven Services, April 2019




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